One definition of refresh is to give new strength or energy to: to reinvigorate. Some synonyms of refresh are revitalize, revive, fortify, regenerate, and renew. I like to think of it as a way of breathing new life into something. So what’s my point? As a caregiver it is easy to get dragged down and weary in the day to day activities of caring for another. How often do you find yourself stopping to rest or rejuvenate? I know it can be difficult to remember to renew and strengthen yourself in order to be the best version of who you are. It isn’t often that we place ourselves at the top of the list or even consider our own needs as caregivers. I want to encourage you to find something that energizes you, that causes you to feel fortified and exhilarated. It doesn’t need to be a huge undertaking. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a walk, having coffee with a friend, or quite honestly relaxing in a hot shower! Remember that you can’t provide the best care for another when you have nothing to give. Today find something that lights a spark in your heart and refresh yourself body, mind, or soul. Take care of you!

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There are only four kinds of people in the world – those who have been caregivers, those who are caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers

Rosalynn Carter

So here goes…I am about to launch a blog!!  If you had told me a year or two ago that I would be in this situation and actually taking steps to change my course in life I wouldn’t have believed it.  Allow me to backtrack if you will.  Nearly 3 years ago, following a significant accident I was temporarily paralyzed and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  I  didn’t know how my personal life as a mom/caregiver to an adult child with special needs would be impacted. As a Speech Language Pathologist it was unclear to me whether I would be able to continue in my professional role.  I began to think about other ways I could be of service to others.  What came about through the soul-searching and processing of life events was that I really understood caregiving.  I have been a primary caregiver to my son, Isaac for twenty three years. Isaac is blind, has cerebral palsy, seizures, and a cognitive impairment. I had also been a caregiver for my father for the last several years of his life.  Following my accident, I became a care recipient so I have been impacted by caregiving from every perspective.   I am very aware of the challenges of being part of the “sandwich generation” where you are caring for an aging parent while raising children and working.   I understand when you have to sacrifice spontaneity and privacy as an individual and a family in order to access caregiving services. I am passionate about the necessity of self care and self compassion for caregivers, as well as helping families in their caregiving journey.

So after much thought and encouragement from my family and friends I determined that I would begin a new endeavor as a Self Care Consultant and Wellness Coach.  I am here to encourage you to take care of yourself so you can be the best you possible.  Let us find joy in the journey together.